These Are The Top 10 Least Stressful Jobs!


Most people disagree about which job is the most stressful, which is certainly difficult to determine. Still, among many stressful jobs, we can choose the least stressful ones.

1. Masseur

Being a masseur and doing that job should be the least stressful. As you help others relax and resolve anxiety and tension, you work in a relaxing atmosphere. Also, masseurs can usually organize their working hours as they wish, while most other people can’t.

2. Medical Technician

According to research from 2013, the job of a medical technician also found itself high on the list of less stressful jobs. People who do this kind of work usually work in a doctor’s office or hospital and have limited contact with patients. This job doesn’t involve doing many things at once and is usually done in a quiet environment, without distractions, to keep workers focused on what they are doing.

3. Fitness instructor/trainer

Being a fitness instructor or trainer is one of the least stressful jobs, and one of the best jobs for your health. Exercising certainly reduces stress and tension. Doing the work you do and showing others how to do the same is one of the least stressful jobs.

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4. Nutritionist

Nutritionists also do work where the main focus is health and food diets. They spend their time helping others to eat healthy, so their profession is very important and, of course, needing minimal stress.

5. Speech therapist

The speech therapist’s job falls into the top 12 jobs in two categories: least stressful jobs and well paid jobs. Several speech therapists participated in the research and all rated the stress level at their work as “barely noticeable”.

6. Tailor

People who work as tailors can use their creativity while working, and they usually spend their working hours in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

7. Hairdresser

The job of a hairstylist can be very hard as it involves standing and holding your hands in a difficult position every day. However, this job also gives you the opportunity to express your creativity and make a lot of new contacts.

8. Developer

This job is the only one that connects expressing creativity and computer skills. It is also possible to work in a comfortable environment and from home.

9. Technical writer

Research has shown that this should also be a job with very low levels of stress. Technical writers are generally able to work independently and without much pressure. They generally don’t have exact and short deadlines like other writers, so the stress level minimal.

10. A freelance writer

This job has the lowest stress rate. In addition, this job also found itself on the list of well-paying jobs. Although unlike technical writers, freelance writers have deadlines they have to respect. On the other hand, they have the freedom to express their creativity and write what they want. Not only do they decide when and where they will work, they can choose which jobs and topics to accept.

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