These Beverages Increase Brain Aging: People Who Consume Them Daily Have Dangerous Consequences!


Alcohol consumption has various negative effects on health and the body, such as the destruction of sleep, weight gain and liver damage

A growing number of researches show that alcohol also has a negative effect on the brain.

A 2018 study shows that 10 milliliters of alcohol a week increases the chance of dementia.

New research has shown that alcohol stimulates brain aging with every gram of alcohol for 0.02 years, which is about one week.

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The study was conducted on 17,308 people between the ages of 45 and 81. The scientists programmed a computer to measure the age of their brains.

The results show that alcohol really stimulates brain aging.

Although it seems like 0.02 years per gram is not that much, one glass of wine or a bottle of beer has 14 grams of alcohol in it, which can cause noticeable damage.

They have also shown that people who consume alcohol on a daily basis have brains that are five months older than those who consume alcohol in moderation.

The effect of cigarettes is actually much higher. People who smoke a pack of cigarettes a day have a brain older for six to seven months.

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This research does not mean that alcohol shouldn’t be consumed at all.

Experts recommend a reduction of alcohol consumption to moderate amounts. Middle-aged people should discontinue using it in order to reduce the effect it has on the brain and health.

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