These Famous Women Want To Adopt A Child To Save Their Marriage: Divorce Is Getting Closer!


Isolation due to the pandemic caused them to feel even further away from each other.

Although they announced a few months ago that they were planning to adopt a child, the American comedian, presenter, actress, writer and producer, Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia De Rossi started arguing fiercely, writes Entertainemt times.

The popular American comedian, allegedly complained about her marriage, stating that they are on the verge of divorcing. After 11 years of the most famous gay marriage, there was a collapse of love and more and more disagreements.

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Portia complains that she can no longer bear the constant crying because of her wife Ellen, and that it is impossible to communicate with her because, as he says, “childish gossip and shouting”.

Even the changes in mood that often occur with Ellen did not make her situation easier. She would switch from normal behavior to extremely vicious and aggressive behavior in a second, she states.

Is this because of Covid-19?

At the beginning of the pandemic, they were severely bored and started thinking about adopting a child. The only thing that came out of the Covid-19 situation was that they realized that they could no longer stand each other. There were rumors that even in some situations they drove each other so crazy. Then they slept in separate houses.

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Jealousy also is a reason

While Portia is bothered by Ellen’s commitment to the show she is currently working from home due to the pandemic. Meanwhile, Ellen is struggling with confidence. In going out together, she often saw other people “looking” her, which bothers her a lot. She is also afraid that a third woman will get involved in their marriage. Both are still trying to keep all the strings in their hands and save the marriage. Next month they will celebrate a full 12 years of marriage.

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