These Strange Features of Men Make Women Fall for Them Instantly


These are the things that men are unaware of which will make the girls click

If you are not sure how to gain the attention of a woman you like, try to pay attention to your behavior and your appearance. Of course, you are not always able to change your physical appearance, but you can correct your behavior and habits.

1. A Man Who Cooks

The man who cooks is a real aphrodisiac for women, and such a man will attract a woman by pleasing her stomach. Many women find chefs very sexy especially because cooking has always been considered a chore for them. Hence, when a man makes a delicious meal, a woman will repay surely.

2. Lose Excess Pounds

A muscular body is nice to see, however, the pampering with someone who is just like a stone is not pleasant. But losing a couple of pounds can still make you look much better. And when you see the progress, you will be more confident which is definitely a ‘chick magnet’.

3. Facial Hair

Women like beards and men already know that. But there is something magnetic in these furry face masks that makes women fall head over heels for bearded men. It may be a facial expression “I’m too tired to be interested.”

4. Love for Animals

Men who love animals are attractive to women. If they have a dog or a cat it’s a big plus. If you take care of an animal, it means that you are able to love humans as well, especially children. That gives you extra points in her book.

5. Showing Feelings

Although many men try not to shed tears in front of women, women like it when they actually do it. A man who shows his emotions and vulnerability is a man with whom a woman can see a bright future.

6. Hand Care

Women pay great attention to men’s hands and no woman will be attracted by a man who has dirt under his nails. A man who takes care of his hand hygiene will certainly get the attention of women.

7. The Way They Smell

Women adore a mixture of the natural fragrance of a man and perfume. Why else do you think women constantly wear your T-shirts?

8. Dense eyebrows

This does not mean that women will like loose and messy eyebrows, but those that are nice and dense will highlight the eyes of her man.

9. Freckles

Many people who have freckles often have a lack of self-confidence because of them. People with freckles can often be very attractive. The same goes for men and women.

10. Big Nose

A large nose on men can be very attractive. A man with a big nose will certainly stick out from the mass and be noticed by women quite often. The most attractive people are those who have something specific on their face, and a big nose gives you a masculine look.

11. Men’s Lips

When it comes to men’s lips, it is thought that fuller and smoother lips associate women with kissing. So if you want to get a nice big smooch, better take care of your lips.

12. Gray Hair

Most men are crazy when they see gray hair. But they don’t need to be alarmed because grey hair makes them very attractive, even when it appears really early in life.

13. Chest Hair

When we talk in general, nobody likes it even a little, but we still have to admit that there is something to the furry chest. Women might not admit it straight away, but they still like their rugged man.

14. A Tender Voice

Although it is generally standard that a deep male voice is the most attractive, gentle voice can be just as attractive (unless it sounds weak and feverish). Women say that it makes them feel safe.

15. Eccentricity

Eccentric men are usually very special. Sometimes they are clumsy, funny and a little weird. When someone is too “normal” it can be boring, so these men are perfect for numerous women!

16. Glasses

While we were in elementary school, we thought that the glasses were ugly and that they were worn only by nerds. However, when we grow up, we realize that intellectuals are very sexy and that men who wear glasses are perceived as intellectually superior.

18. Sweat

Sweating is not always attractive. However, it can sometimes be very alluring. Do you remember when Mario Lopez had to change the shirt at the Emmy Awards? Plus, pheromones are released through sweat which subconsciously attracts the opposite sex.

18. Jealousy

Jealousy can be scary when exaggerated. But the smaller dose of jealousy and possessiveness can be an indicator that you care about the person you are with.

19. Shyness

Women like when a man is shy in their presence. Although self-confidence is of great significance, a little shyness is not always a bad thing.

20. Accent

It’s a little strange that sound can be a source of attraction. However, a little thing such as a foreign accent can turn every average young man can turn into a very attractive one. Some accents such as French and British are considered very sexy.

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