They Are Skilled at Hidding Their Feelings: With These Zodiac Signs You Will Never Know Where You Stand


They will seem disinterested and cold to you even when they are burning up inside.

Their nature is such that they rarely or almost never convey their feelings or at least not in their full force.

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Aquarius doesn’t want to be hurt.

They just don’t like to show feelings because they think it will make them vulnerable. They would rather keep their distance than open up to someone and let the world see that they are not as powerful as they like to think they are.

Scorpio is afraid of betrayal.

Scorpios associate opening up and showing feelings with the possibility of someone betraying them, which is why they think it is not worth it to open up to others. By avoiding showing feelings, they have the impression that they are protected from external influences.

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Virgo is a perfectionist and feelings don’t go with it.

Their feelings and vulnerabilities are hiding behind perfectionism, and even though they seem to have the answer to everything all the time, they are less likely to see how vulnerable they are and are often deadly serious.

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Gemini loves to feel safe.

They don’t tolerate being considered vulnerable, so they always adapt to the people around them. If they show different sides of their personalities to different people, no one will get to know them completely, and the Gemini feel much more confident about that.

Taurus likes to be untouchable and will stubbornly stick to it.

Taurus’s hide their vulnerability and feelings behind stubbornness, which is why they often give the impression that they are very strong and untouchable. The truth is that in this way, they only protect themselves because they cannot cope with the feeling of vulnerability.

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