They Called Her the Half-Ton Killer: You Won’t Believe What Mayra Rosales Looks Like Today


When the lawyer first saw his client, Mayra Rosales, he thought there were pillows around her. And then he realized that a woman weighing 500 kilograms was sitting in front of him.

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Mayra Rosales was being tried for the murder of her nephew. This happened in 2010. Those were hellish years for this woman who has won so many battles in her life, that she deserves to have a movie made about her.

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Mayra always had problems with her weight. She was morbidly obese, lived in a house with her family, and then in 2008, she admitted she killed her two-year-old nephew. She said she accidentally crushed him. After that, she gave up on life and ate more than usual. She weighed an incredible 453 pounds. And as it was later proven, Mayra just wanted to protect her sister Jamie and take the blame for the death of her nephew.

Mayra, 36, told police she suffocated the child because she accidentally rolled over over him. However, an autopsy later determined that the boy died as a result of numerous injuries to the skull. 

#TBT Left picture was about a year ago wearing size 18 dress. Right picture .. Last week when I went buy my dress for my…Publicerat av Mayra Rosales Torsdag 16 april 2015

At that time, Mayra’s sister was forced to go to prison, because it was determined that she actually killed her child. She was sentenced to 15 years in prison, and Mayra Rosales vowed to get her body and weight in shape so she could take care of her sister’s remaining children.

Since 2011, she has slowly but surely started to lose weight. Along the way, she underwent 11 surgeries to finally get her body in shape.

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She managed to lose 45 kilograms in the first 10 days alone. When she had taken off enough kilograms, she underwent a surgical reduction of her stomach. After a lot of work and effort, she weighs about 90 kilograms, most of her health problems have disappeared, and she even has a boyfriend.

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