They Took a Group Picture at the Bridal Shower, but Fled in Horror After Looking at the Picture!


To make the trip to Lake Loch Eck, they decided to take some group photos. They set up the camera and turned on the timer. In general, they took a “nice” picture and a slightly “ridiculous” picture, with an only one-second interval between the pictures.

But when they looked at the pictures, they discovered something scary. Do you see what it is?

The women became horrified when they discovered the boy in the lower left corner of the picture because they did not see any boy, or any other person for that matter, near the site. When they started googling on the spot, they became alive. The boy, called “The Blue Boy”, is said to have drowned in the sea in a horrible accident many years ago.

It is said that the boy is still visiting The Coylet Hotel where he and his mother lived when the accident occurred. According to the hotel, one can still feel his presence in room number four and it is also unusual to discover that things have been moved or see wet steps in the corridor of the little boy looking for his mother.

Say what you want if you believe in the ghost or not, but we have to admit that this was scary!

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