They Were Bored With Life in the City, They Quit Their Jobs and Embarked on a Journey Around the World


They decided to make the rest of their lives an adventure.

The British couple decided to quit their jobs and live the life they used to know. Instead of that, they started touring the world with a van. They have invested all their savings in this means of transport and made it a real motorhome for which no place in the world is an obstacle.

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Security officer, Sin Trot, 35, and process support manager, Rachel Wood, 30, of Birmingham, UK, met at a workplace in May 2015 where they co-edited websites. Before they started the romance, they had been friends for two years.

Not long after, they realized they wanted something more than exhausting 9 to 5 jobs and spending free time on the couch in front of the TV. They needed something that would bring joy back into their lives.

They made a decision to go around the world at their friends’ wedding in Scotland. 15 months later, they bought a van, which they called Higgins, and for the next 6 months tried hard to make it a functional home that had a living room, a bathroom, and even a kitchen.

They began their adventure in June 2019, and so far have been through most of Europe, crossing France, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, and Croatia.

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“We worked a lot, and there was little time for us. We had a nice home and a good job, but we wanted an adventure,” Rachel said.

“The opportunity to spend quality time together while waking up to exciting new destinations definitely appealed to us,” Sin added.

“While we were at a friend’s wedding in Scotland, we got into a traffic jam, and a van was standing in front of us. I looked at my Sin and said, ‘Imagine living in a van, driving around the world and visiting all these beautiful cities.’

He replied, “So why don’t we?” And that was enough to start this wonderful story.

“It was scary but not too difficult to make this decision. We just thought, what is really stopping us?”

“We designed the look of the van and then handed it to the carpenter for everything to be perfect. In the meantime, we worked full-time so we could pay off all the expenses.

“The most important thing for us was to have a high ceiling so we could move normally around our traveling house and lots of windows to watch all those beautiful sights.”

Initially, they had planned to spend only a year on the road, but after falling in love with life in the van, they planned to extend their journey until further notice.

Norway was by far the favorite place for the married couple to visit.

“It’s great to have a home with you. We are like snails, we have everything we need at all times.”

“This is real freedom. With the development of the internet, we can do long-distance jobs, so we will always have money, and our lives will be an adventure,” they agreed.

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