This Girl Is Lying Motionless on the Side of the Road – You Won’t Believe Who Appears From Behind the Trees


When Amanda heard that there was a skinny abandoned dog living in the mountains of Evans Creek, Washington, she acted immediately.

She and her friend Dylan were determined to find this poor dog.

For over an hour, Amanda and Dylan tried to lure the dog to them using food and treats, but their plan failed.

The next day, they came back and saw the dog at the same place.

Once again, they tried to attract him, but to no avail.

This is where the two friends had a brilliant idea. They decided that Amanda would lie on the ground and act as if she needed help.

So the next day, Amanda got to the ground near the place where this dog was. And two hours later, what happened has filled the hearts of thousands of animal lovers around the world.

It all started when someone saw a dog near a camp in Evans Creek, Washington.

The dog looked malnourished and scared. And when the person tried to get closer, the dog became aggressive.

A few days later, a young woman named Amanda, heard about the dog which got the nickname Bear.

Amanda and her friend Dylan decided that they would try to save Bear and take him to a veterinary clinic.

They tried to attract him with treats – but without success. He was wary of humans and would not approach.

So, Amanda has chosen a slightly different strategy.

She lay in a fetal position and acted dead.

Shortly after, Bear went to her, as if he wanted to help her.

He approached Amanda and sniffed her for 20 minutes before leaving.

But Amanda did not get up to leave.

An hour later, Bear was back, and this time he just sat next to Amanda. Over the next two hours, Amanda was able to gain the confidence of Bear who seemed to understand that she did not want him any harm.

How much does it cost one night in a potato?

Bear followed Amanda to her car and took her to the vet.

Bear was finally able to get the help he desperately needed thanks to two awesome women who refused to let him down.

Lost & Found Pets WA State, an organization working for animal welfare, tried to find the owner of the dog, but without success.

But luckily, a family took the lead and adopted Bear, so he now lives happily in a loving home.

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