This is How Insecure Women Dress


How can you figure out if a woman is insecure about herself based on the things she wears?

No woman wants to honestly admit her insecurity. But all women, without exception, had such situations in their lives when they felt insecure.

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Why? Either you were dissatisfied with your makeup, or you were bothered by the clothes you wore …. There are many reasons.

Insecure Woman’s Wardrobe:

The color of the garment

An insecure woman tends to conceal. She doesn’t want to stand out in any way in the crowd. Therefore, she will wear dark and gray colors, while bright and shiny shades can’t be found in her wardrobe.

Excessive clothes

An insecure woman will underestimate the appearance of her body. For example,s he unreasonably considers herself fat and therefore chooses a baggy style outfit.

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Mother’s style

An insecure woman will look for her style for years until she eventually kneels down and starts dressing like her mother. This is not a bad thing as fashion is repeated, but over time you also have to add some more modern pieces of clothing to your wardrobe.

The Combination does not exist in her wardrobe choice

Either she dresses too strikingly or dresses too simply – the middle doesn’t exist! Either she gets too much makeup or she completely rejects makeup. In both cases, it is an insecure woman.


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