This Is The Right Way To Lose Weight: Nutritionist Reveals Common Mistakes in a Diet


The first thing people do when they want to lose weight – they reduce their calories. This is completely wrong, says nutritionist Michelle Adams Arendt, who explains that eating less does not mean losing weight.

In fact, reducing your calorie intake slows down your metabolism because it activates the survival mechanism in the body, which means that fewer calories are consumed. Our body does not know that we want to lose weight, it thinks that we have no food and that it has to save every pound – that is, to make energy reserve.

Thus, studies show that, over longer periods of consumption, more calories are consumed than the intake of fat in the body.

“That’s why the best way to dissolve fat and lose weight is to reduce food a little, such as changing a few habits or what we eat for dinner,” says Arendt.

In addition, it is important to focus on speeding up your metabolism.

Muscle building is essential

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The body constantly consumes calories to work, and resting metabolism is faster in people with a higher muscle content. Thus, their caloric needs are higher, so they can eat more and still be lean.

Half a kilo of muscle at rest consumes about six calories for self-preservation a day, while half a kilo of fat consumes just two.

Without water, metabolism slows down

The body needs water to burn calories, and even in a state of mild dehydration, metabolism slows down.

Adults who drink more than eight glasses of water a day consume up to 20 percent more calories than those who drink only about eight deciliters of water a day.

For optimal hydration, it is necessary to drink a glass of water before each meal, and as a supplement, it is good to add fruits and vegetables that contain a large amount of water to the diet.

It’s good to have snacks

More frequent meals are a great way to speed up your metabolism, which is why it is possible for people who eat something constantly to be lean.

However, it is crucial to choose foods, so the ideal snacks are fresh fruits, salads, cereals and proteins with as little sugar and fat as possible.

It is optimal to eat every three to four hours in smaller quantities to consume more calories throughout the day. Also, people who have snacks more often, then for the main meal they ingest smaller amounts of food, studies have shown.

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Coffee excites metabolism

Coffee acts as a food stimulant increases concentration and provides the energy needed. If consumed moderately, two to three cups a day is an ideal supplement to the diet as it speeds up calorie consumption. For better results, coffee is best to be consumed before training.

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