This Mother Has Given Birth to Three Children in Two Years – You Won’t Believe What Her Belly Looks Like Now!


Every woman who has ever been pregnant will know that after nine months of pregnancy, you will not immediately get the same body you had before pregnancy.

For many women it is mentally difficult to accept this, but others are just as proud of the fact that their body has accomplished something amazing.

Eliza Curby belongs to the second group of women because her body looks completely different after two pregnancies.

Eliza has given birth to 3 children in 2 years which was a difficult time for her, so she shared her experience on her Instagram.

The two pregnancies followed up quickly as Eliza became pregnant only a few weeks after having her first child, and this time it was twins.

And this extreme experience left her body deformed, so she decided to share her story on Instagram, and her photos immediately became viral.

The double pregnancy has changed her body drastically, but instead of being ashamed and hiding the scars, she has decided to share photos of her body on social media.

Eliza says that it was both psychologically and physically difficult to carry twins in her belly. By telling openly about her experiences, she hopes to reach and gain support from other pregnant women.

On her Instagram, Eliza shows all scars, striae, wrinkles, etc. – and, despite all that, she is now praised worldwide.

In her posts, Eliza emphasizes the importance of discussing this topic.

Just becauseā€¦

Because I’m not ashamed of my scars.

Because I’m proud of what my body has accomplished.

Because many women tend to hide this.

Because famous women share unrealistic images about maternity three weeks after the birth of their child.

Because I feel great wearing my own skin – although there is a lot of skin left over!

Because beauty has many shapes.

Because I can.

This is me because I love my body.

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