This Request of The Bride Shocked Her Guest: I Thought She Was Joking


The guest handed a bride a present, but she had no idea what the bride’s reaction would be.

An Australian woman attended the wedding and was shocked by the reaction and gesture of the bride to whom her gift was “not enough.”

Specifically, the guest brought in $ 200 for a wedding and an additional gift, which costs $ 75, but the bride and groom estimated that the cost for her invitation cost more.

They asked her for an extra $ 300, which left this woman speechless.

“She didn’t count the candle” as a real gift .” Because, as she put it,” she couldn’t do anything with it.” And she also stated, ” the candle wasn’t even as big as she wanted. “

At the wedding, I found out that my husband was my brother!

She shared her astonishment and disappointment with Facebook users in one group.

“I thought she was kidding. It is not a custom in Australia to give money at the cost of a” chair “in the room. She also said that she considers $ 200 as” a large amount of money for a gift. “

Users endorsed her in the comments and wrote to her that she doesn’t owe anything to the bride.

She Married Herself and Said: “I Feel Stronger and More Confident”

“Forget that friend, she’s miserable,” “Why would guests have to bear the cost of her wedding?” Where just a few of the comments.

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