This Zodiac Sign is a Born Cheater


If you’ve ever suspected that your partner was cheating on you, make sure you check his Zodiac sign.

You’ve all heard this, “If he cheats you once, he’ll cheat you again.” Cheating is a common occurrence in relationships and marriage these days, and there are people who simply enjoy getting around.

Here is How Zodiac Signs Destroy Themselves Without Even Being Aware of it

There is one zodiac sign that will surely cheat on you, all because he just can’t stay happy for long periods of time with one woman.

Specifically, one study found that Sagittarius does not cheat because of lust, but because he is unhappy in his relationship.

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Interestingly, passionate Scorpio’s are in the last place on the adulterer’s list. They don’t even “manage” to cheat on partners because they are the ones who are left behind.

Here’s why Sagittarius cheats?

He is loyal by nature and often he is the one they cheated on, but when he feels he is not respected or neglected, he starts to think if there is someone better for him. In doing so, he opens the way for cheating because he never considers the possibility of breaking the relationship in which he is unhappy, at least until he finds something new. He is simply playing safe.

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How do you know he’s cheating on you?

He is very opinionated and ready for a constructive discussion. But after adultery, you may notice an increased interest in conflicts and quarrels that lead nowhere. In this way, he shows a sense of bitterness that overwhelms him.

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