Too Much Sleep Causes Obesity: Five Things To Do To Avoid Gaining Weight!


New research has shown that regular sleep helps losing weight because the irregular and disturbed sleep cycle increases appetite and alters the body’s response to food and exercise

The study was conducted by experts from the European Endocrinological Society about how sleep deprivation affects weight loss.

Experts have shown that people who suffer from sleep loss prefer larger portions of food, need more calories, make more irrational food choices, feel more satisfied while eating and consuming less energy.

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Nerina Ramlakan, a sleep psychologist and therapist, said:

“Insufficient sleep drives the body into crisis and forces it to ‘survive’. You are moving on adrenaline that forces you to produce and store fat, especially in the middle part of the body. The process of muscle breakdown slows down your metabolism and thus builds weight.”

“On the other hand, when you get enough sleep, it is easier to break down body fat, you do not have as much craving for food, your appetite is reduced and you have more energy that makes you move more.

Leave your mobile

Mobile phones emit blue light that disrupts the levels of the hormone needed for sleep, melatonin.

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The room in which you sleep should be cooler than the others in the apartment

Many researches have shown that high temperatures during sleep have a bad effect on health.

Monitor your caffeine intake

The last caffeine intake should be by 5 pm. If you use caffeine later, you will not be able to fall asleep.

Do not eat before bed

Consuming food three hours before bedtime can cause digestive and acid problems and even cause nightmares.

Warm shower

A warm shower ninety minutes before going to bed helps people fall asleep 50% faster and extends their sleep time by fifteen minutes.

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