Twisted Love Story: Here’s How Celine Dion Deals With The Loss of Her First And Last Lover!


Everything related to them is taboo even today, and you can imagine what it was like thirty years ago.

Four years ago, Celine Dion lost a man who had been her one and only love.

Producer Rene Angelil made her famous and he made her happy, but it turned out that that happiness was short-lived: on January 14, 2016, he died at the age of 73 after a long battle with cancer.

Today, Celine finds solace in raising three children.

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Celine and Rene first met when she was just 12 years old. The future singer at the time could not even imagine that she was meeting the man of her dreams.

Celine Dion was born in 1968 in the Canadian province of Charlamagne. She was the youngest, fourteenth child in a large family where everyone loved music. The girl’s parents had a small music club where her first performances took place.

In numerous interviews, the singer recalls that she did not have new things in her childhood: “When you are a 14th child, your chances of getting new things are very low.” The family was poor, but she never lost her soul.

At school, things were much worse: a clumsy girl in old clothes, with crooked teeth and wild hair, was often ridiculed and insulted. She was saved by the music she adored.

Celine sang much better than her 13 siblings.

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One of Celine’s brother submitted a recording of Celine singing to producer Rene Angelil. At first, he didn’t answer, but her brother didn’t give up and he called Rene, literally “begging” him to listen to the recording.

This was the turning point in Celine’s life: as soon as the producer listened to the tape, he immediately realized that he had found the performer he had dreamed of. He had no doubt: she’s a new star. But the local record companies did not share his enthusiasm.

Then Rene mortgaged his house and released a disc at his own expense. So young Celine Dion became famous: under the strict guidance of Angelil, the singer with a magical voice conquered the world.

After a while, the singer and producer realized they were in love. They officially started the relationship in 1987, and in 1994 they married at Notre Dame Cathedral in Montreal.

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Celine was 26 years old at the time. The only thing that eclipsed their happiness was the absence of children.

Celine couldn’t get pregnant. But as she grew up in a large family, she could not imagine not having any children.

In May 2000, Celine had two surgeries at the Clinic for Reproductive Medicine in New York City, after which their first son was born. Nine years later, after six failed attempts, twins Eddie and Nelson were born. Thus, all their dreams were fulfilled.

It seemed like their happiness would last forever. But in 1999, Rene was diagnosed with throat cancer. After prolonged treatment, remission lasted for several years. The couple even forgot that they had to go through such a difficult journey. Unfortunately, in 2015, cancer returned. Celine Dion’s husband struggled bravely with the disease, but metastases hit his entire body. It became clear that he could not win this fight …

Later in an interview, Celine remembered that the children were suffering the most, but the shared sadness only made them closer:

“I try to live in a way that no one feels lonely. For example, I bought a huge bed to sleep with my twins. It is very important to me that they are nearby. I need them and they need me. Of course, time will come and they will sleep in their rooms, I’m ready for it. But now we are supportive of each other. It’s fun to watch TV together. Only now have I discovered the charm of Disney cartoons. “

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The 50-year-old singer admits that she and the children are still talking to Rene as if he is alive:

“We send him kisses before going to bed. This has already become a kind of ritual: we go to his photograph and say to him, ‘Goodnight!’

Asked by the reporter how she survives such a great loss, Celine says that Rene has left her with so many strengths and positive things in her life that she cannot simply give up. She directs all this energy to children so that they grow up into valuable people, like their father.

“The kids grow up, I look at them and I understand … My husband and I did a great job,” she said in an interview. “I’m so proud of that.”

Celine says she feels happy now:

“I had wonderful moments in my life. I grew up in a family full of love, married the best man on Earth, gave birth to three children … Although he is not with us now, I can feel his presence every moment. I see him every day, in our children. “

“Renee has given me so much that it will be enough for the rest of my life,” Celine admits.

The singer says there is no universal advice on how to survive the loss of a spouse. Everyone finds their way:

“You can’t stop living. Go ahead. Go ahead … The fact is, life can’t always be easy. You have to put up with it. When illness or death comes, you just have no choice. It’s life …”

Celine Dion still remembers her last conversation with her husband:

“I hugged him and said, ‘You have taken care of me and my children all my life. You worried about my career. Literally about everything. I’m very grateful. The kids are fine. I am well. I promise everything will be fine. Please don’t worry anymore. I don’t want you to worry … “”

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