Watch Out, It’s Being Recorded! He Was Kissing His Misstress in Live Program And Everyone Saw it


If you are cheating on a partner – which we do not approve – you have to be very careful because if you get a little bit relaxed you can get into big trouble.

When a man cheats on his wife, there is very little choice as to where he can take his mistress. Because there is a good chance that his affair will be discovered.

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One of the ideal places adulterers could go to is sports games. The man who is cheating starts from the assumption that his wife does not watch the sports games and then he often decides to take the “girl” to such an event. But he shouldn’t so sure!

During matches, one may encounter events such as a “kiss cam” where a camera in the hall or stadium on a large video stream zooms in on a couple who should kiss. A video that has been surfing the internet for some time now speaks of adulterers caught in the act.

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At a friendly match between an Ecuadorian Barcelona and local rival Dolphins, the two were caught hugged each other and also kissing, and when they realized that they had been seen on a video bim, the man just took his hands off the girl and backed away! Too late!

Of course, this video is accompanied by humorous comments such as “a dead man walking”.

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Basically, if you cheat, the sports game is no longer a safe place for you!

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