We acted as a father and daughter, and then they found us kissing each other!


My lover and I decided to make a business by acting as a father and a daughter. He found me good guys who have a lot of money and I give him half of the money as a reward.

In the end, he would scare that guy and force them to break with me. That’s how our system functioned, and in this way, we took money from them. Several times we did it, and then we were caught!

We came to a rich man who fell in love with me. He had a lot of money, he bought me gifts and gave me money … He loved me. He wanted to marry me!!! The first time something happened to me, we mostly do not get to that stage of the relationship. My “father” and I did not know what to do.

He did not want me to marry, because he was in love with me and would not bear to be married, and again he knew we could take a hill of money. I agreed on a ride, and my gallant guy is a man that I like. He gave all attention, we traveled, bought gifts, jewelry, clothes, shoes, makeup … Everything I wanted.

My lover was very jealous and saw that the thing got out of control. We saw in secret places to negotiate further our actions. My future husband was so jealous that he began to suspect my fidelity because I was constantly going to be in the city with someone. He sent private detectives who followed me without knowing it. When I was kissing my “father” they shot me and sent it to my fiancé.

He could not believe what he saw! He was in shock when he saw those pictures, for he knew again that he was my father. He did not say anything to me, but he wanted to investigate whether he was really my father. I did not suspect anything, but he found out the truth. This man was not my father. A few days before the wedding, he came in with the picture in his hands and the evidence he found and discovered the truth about me. He threw pictures on the ground!

He said that no longer wants to see me. I gave back him a ring and move out of a common apartment! He said that will make every effort to tell everybody about my fraud that I did with my lover! I had no other choice.

I left, but I still took a lot of money from him. My “father” and I had to move out and we started looking for some new guy who could marry me. We know where we were wrong and we will not do that mistake anymore.

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