We Do These Things Almost Every Day, and We Don’t Know That They Are Dangerous!


Although instincts protect us from most dangerous situations, there are things that many people think are harmless, and in fact, are not at all as safe as many people think.

We drink from plastic bottles

Microplastics can be found in many plastic bottles, and it is detrimental to human health. These particles can reduce fertility, increase body fat, have a negative effect on the nervous and immune systems, affect the development of male genitalia, promote obesity in children and increase the chances of developing cardiovascular disease, writes Brightside.

Use clothes brought from dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is a chemical process. Many hazardous chemicals are used in such cleaning of the wardrobe, and some can be glued to the fabric. If you inhale these chemicals there is a potential for eye irritation and shortness of breath, headache, dizziness and vision problems.

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We hold back sneezing

You should never hold back sneezing. If you do, there is a chance that your eardrum will rupture. Holding on to sneeze can lead to cracking of the capillaries in the eyes, nose, and ear.

We use perfumes full of chemicals

Lots of perfume is full of toxic ingredients that companies keep secret. These ingredients come from oil and can cause respiratory and hormonal problems, nausea and vomiting. In the worst-case scenario, cancer or perfume poisoning can occur.

We squeeze pimples

First of all, squeezing pimples can make them worse and even lead to scarring, which is not very helpful. There is an area of ​​the face known as the “triangle of death” that has a direct connection to the brain and if you cause an infection there trying to squeeze out the pimples, the bacteria can easily reach the nervous system and cause complications with vision, paralysis, meningitis and in the worst cases death.

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We use cosmetics with synthetic ingredients

It is important to know if the makeup you are using contains synthetic components that can be very harmful. These components can accumulate over time in your body and can cause skin irritation and even cancer.

We do not change pillows

Every night while you sleep, your pillow absorbs oil from the skin, hair, and body. This can attract mites to your pillow, which can lead to a really dangerous allergy.

You pluck the hair from your nose

Plucking hair from the nose can lead to irritation and inflammation of the skin. Removing the hair will weaken the immune system, which can lead to meningitis and other brain infections.

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We eat pre-packed meals

Pre-packaged foods have significantly less nutritious stuff than fresh foods. A lot of these ready-to-eat meals produce cancerous things because they are cooked at high temperatures. These meals also have things that can increase your risk of getting diabetes.

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