What Are The Reasons Why Men And Women Stop Taking Care of Themselves After Getting Married


Scientists have proven that men and women that are married are more prone to obesity and not willing to take care of themselves.

You will often hear that married couples spend less and less time working out, and increasingly sitting in front of the TV, eating fast food and not wanting to work for themselves because they have fulfilled their goal – they got married.

It seems that women are more judged because after marrying and having children, they stop worrying about their appearance. It bothers men and sometimes this is the reason for infidelity and even divorce. The fact is that men are the ones who stop caring about their appearance too. Their reasons are different from women’s.

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We talked to a psychologist and specialist about these issues.

“What it really means to stop taking care of yourself – not taking care of your appearance and personal hygiene, neglecting or delaying your basic physical and psychological needs, not doing things that make us happy, forgetting about ourselves, etc. – you just read some of the criteria for a diagnosis depression.

When does depression occur in marriage? When for some reason marriage ceases to be interesting and uncertain, when we are just too confident or too anxious or simply when the amount of obligations and lack of time and space for ourselves overwhelms us like a wave. “

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What are the reasons why men and women stop taking care of themselves

“Men are more likely to stop taking care of themselves out of a lack of uncertainty and challenge, and women because of exhaustion and fatigue. It is common for both genders to stop trying, and indulging in a bad way. Of course, this is not a strict rule. Things can get complicated if alcohol and drug abuse are also involved, then the situation is much more serious. “

Can this problem lead to a divorce?

Sometimes long-term dissatisfaction with the way a partner treats himself develops into serious dissatisfaction with the relationship which can lead to the termination of the relationship, but more often to infidelity, and then the divorce is not far away.

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“We live in a fast-paced world, and we don’t have time. But as you remember every day to recharge your phone’s battery, don’t miss out on your physical or psychological needs. It doesn’t take too much time to be clean and tidy, to keep your teeth healthy, feed yourself in a better and more moderate way. Maybe you could start exercising (not necessarily in an expensive gym), drink less and smoke and walk more, read, think…

We should not forget that by taking care of ourselves, we actually take care of others. “

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