What does it mean when you dream about your ex-partners


Of course, you can’t control your dreams, and dreaming about your ex-partners can be a little inconvenient.

It’s not like you want to go back to them, but you still cried, threw away all the things that reminded you of the time you spent together, went through the drinking phase and moved on but from time to time it happens.

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It’s comforting that the dreams of former partners are not such a bad thing. It’s the same thing with dreams where you lose your teeth, which is an indication that you are under a lot of stress because of a change in your life that you have a hard time with. If you are currently in a relationship and dreaming about your ex, your current relationship may be in some kind of crisis, so your dreams help you overcome the stressful reality.

The appearance of your former lover and partner in your dreams can only be a reminder of how you once gave yourself to someone and showed to them the most beautiful feelings a human being can have for someone. Dreams about ex-partners occur most often because of unfinished business.

The psychologist specialized for dream and relationship analysis in Philadelphia, Dr. Marion Rudin Frank, has discovered that dreams are a very intimate thing, but never random. Each is a representation of what you are struggling with in reality and therefore they hold too much meaning. These are just some of the most common ones.

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You are missing something in life – you are lacking in intimacy, in reality, so you are returning to the person you had it with.

You need a little help with the relationship you are in now – it is possible that you are struggling with some problem in your current relationship.

Some little thing reminded you of your ex-partner – even the scent of the same perfume can take you back to the past.

You lack confidence – some part of you is not yet completely secure from breaking up.

You are annoyed by other people – you probably have some negative feelings about your ex, so when another person awakens those feelings again, you dream of your ex.

You miss your ex or some good part of the relationship – even though the relationship is over, it’s no wonder you miss the person or something about that relationship.

You need a little more intimacy – if you dream of kissing or having sex with your ex, you may be missing it in reality.

You dream of having children with your ex-partner – children represent creativity in dreams and ideas that grow, so that’s not so bad.

You are in a healing phase – you may be dreaming that your ex is apologizing and asking for forgiveness for what he has done to you, so this may make you happy because you are finally moving on.

You still have feelings for him – often people dream of continuing to live a happy life with a former partner, that means you haven’t yet broken up with him and your feelings.

Going On – Breaking up in a dream means you have finally moved on, especially if you dream this after your ex-partner hurt you.

Dreams can be part of your healing, writes Womanshealthmag. They can have countless meanings, but they are also an opportunity to finally break up with your ex. We suggest you write down all your dreams so you can remember them. You can talk to the therapist later and you will remember all the details.

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