What Happens After Death? Actor Keanu Reeves Knows the Answer


Famous Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves was a guest a few days ago in a Steven Colbert talk show. The main themes of the discussion were art and philosophy.

In one part of the show, Reeves tried to explain the plot of the movie “Bill & Ted” in which two characters were to write a song that would determine the fate of the entire planet.

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“If they fail, the whole universe will cease to exist, it’s the end of a time-space continuum,” Reeves said. Kolbert then asked him what he thought was going to happen after his death. Keanu thought a while and said: “I know we will be missed by those who love us.”

After his response, the audience remained speechless, and the host kept silent for ten seconds thinking about his conclusion.

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And who can know better than Keanu Reeves, who lost some of the closest people in his life? His father left him when he was only three years old, and he often moved with his family and changed four high schools. Then he suffered from dyslexia and ADHD due to all the stress.

In 1998, he had another tragedy. His girlfriend at the time, Jennifer Sim, who was with child, lost the baby after an eight-month pregnancy. This resulted in a breakup and after a year and a half, Jennifer died in a car accident.

Little is known the fact that Reeves is the legal guardian of her sister who has suffered from leukemia. During her struggle with the wicked disease, the actor launched a series of humanitarian initiatives and often donated larger sums of money to hospitals and campaigns that support the same goal.

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