What is Taurus in a Few Words


Why is the Taurus one of the most specific signs in the horoscope? Find out what are the main features that distinguish a person born in the sign of Taurus and learn how to interact with them.

General characteristics of a Taurus

Taurus is the first earth sign in the horoscope. What everyone immediately thinks of people born in this sign is that they are stubborn, persistent, but they are actually very patient when it comes to things they care about. This is one of the essential features of this zodiac sign. They just don’t give up easily.

This sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, so it’s not surprising that the members of this sign are very attractive and charming. You will recognize the Taurus by its beautiful face and harmonious body. The only downside is the extra pounds that they often fight against because they are constantly indulging in food.

If stubbornness and persistence are the main features of this sign, then another characteristic of Taurus is their attitude towards money.

Taurus is a real materialist. People born in this sign love money and they don’t hide it.

They simply enjoy the nice things that are bought with money: they like to sleep on a comfortable mattress and a quality pillow, they like to enjoy good food, to spend time in a beautiful setting, whether it is in nature or indoors. They love luxury items so much that it just feels like it’s part of their style.

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The perseverance that a person born as Taurus possesses and a realistic view of the world around them helps them to come up with a practical solution when solving problems. They don’t dwell on ideas that are unattainable. Taurus is thorough and sometimes he may be slow because of this, but be sure that when it comes to the action of solving an obligation, business or problem, he will do the job perfectly.

People born in this sign know full well what they want and believe in achievable goals. The only thing that can stand in their way to success is stubbornness. Taurus’s believe so much in the correctness of their ideas that they will blindly and stubbornly pursue their goal, ignoring the objections, resentments or warnings around them.

Taurus is a very stable sign, very steady and patient. He stands firmly behind his opinion and does not change it. Once he tells you his views – he will always stick to that. Do not try to influence the change of his principles.

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The Taurus rarely changes his mind during life. Even when their mind changes – they will rarely admit it.

One of the main features of this sign is that they are very dedicated to home and family. Because of this, they get along very well with people born in Cancer and Pisces.

Love and Taurus

This zodiac sign is looking for a partner to whom he can fully devote himself and who can fully devote themselves to him. He loves the closeness and is completely surrendered to love, has genuine emotions and is loyal to the relationship.

You will easily notice that he is courting you. And as soon as he has taken one step, expect the second and third.

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All steps of love are extremely important to him: dating, romance, kissing, foreplay and sex.

They like when the partner is only theirs and doesn’t like if their partner is close with others. But he’s not jealous, he is just a hundred percent committed. The boundary between possessiveness may be thin, but he will never admit it to you.

Taurus adore gifts.

You can win them over if you adjust the atmosphere and make it intimate. Music, two glasses of drink and they won’t need anything else, except you. They love physical contact, but they don’t feel comfortable with the public displays of affection. They just don’t want to share intimate moments with others.

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Sex is very important to them. That area of ​​love shows its true attachment to their partner. They genuinely indulge in emotions during sex and does not indulge it just for the sake of sex.

What is Taurus like as a friend?

If you are looking for a best friend you can find it in this sign. The Taurus is open with people and you will know immediately that he has offered you a friendship. They will lend a hand, offer you cooperation, help, invite you to meet. Like in love, it may seem like he’s possessive, but he’s not, he’s just not happy that you are spending time with someone else instead of with him.

Taurus Women

A woman born in the Taurus is distinguished by traits that differentiate her in many ways from others. They say that they are the most beautiful women in the horoscope. They are very independent and emotionally strong, but also loyal. Motivation is a key driving force for women born in this sign. They can be timid in nature and when they are like that they can get very talkative and persistent in expressing their thoughts so that others will accept them.

Taurus Men

Although he loves money, it is important to him that his career is without stress and pressure. He loves to live by his own rules. Money plays an important role in his life. He can go to extremes, be either overly generous, or miserly. When it comes to his fammily he is very independent and he prefers to leave the childcare to his partner.

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