What Kind of a Mother You Are by Horoscope: Virgo Too Caring, Aquarius Creative, Leo Devoted…


Believe it or not, horoscope also has an impact on motherhood …


Advantages: Strong, self-aware, fearless

Weaknesses: Too competitive, angry, obsessive

Mother Aries is a true warrior, so she approaches everything in life as if she were going into battle. Motherhood isn’t for the weak, and you never will be that. With faith in yourself, you can manage everything. The only shock can be that now a small being entirely depends on you. Generally, you always think first of yourself, so some adjustment is needed because the baby is there now. However, as much as you adore your little ones, you will always be in the first place because you are two different people. And this attitude is not so bad, especially for later education.


Advantages: Rational, hardworking

Weaknesses: Materialist, frequent mood swings, vain

Mom Taurus is good at both, business and pleasure. First, you make sure everything is okay and then the fun follows. You are both a traditionalist and an adventurer, so you can get your child to study on Sundays as well as give him or her a motorcycle at just 12 years old. Do your best to teach your children good education and manners. Always be their focus, their authority, but also their best friend. As long as your children don’t embarrass you, there is no problem.

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Advantages: Curious, youthful, creative, ready for anything

Weaknesses: Inconsistent, contradictory, impatient, likes to be the smartest

There may be is uncertainty all the time, but it is never boring with Gemini mothers. Your family always wonders what is on your mind and everything is possible with you. So you can decide, for example, that going on a boat is the perfect opportunity to raise a baby there for the first few months. Your brain always works, so you’re actually the most eccentric mom of all in the Zodiac.


Advantages: Sensitive, committed

Weaknesses: Overprotective, moody, jealous, timid

You’re a real mom! It’s been in your blood since you were babysitting your dolls as if they were babies. For you, giving birth at home and breastfeeding your baby for as long as possible is the right thing to do. Your family is everything in the world and most often you build a very deep connection with your children for life. And motherhood pleases you because it opens you to the world because you are shy by nature. Still, sometimes you can be hard, but once you let someone into your life, that lasts forever, and especially when you are a mother.


Advantages: Natural leader, creative, confident

Weaknesses: Narcissus, too energetic, drama queen

Leo mothers are always spotted wherever they are, and they are completely surrendered to motherhood. Try to be always there for your child, to make him a good person, the person who will do great things. Sometimes you still have high expectations of your children, so you can overburden them. But when they grow up and become successful doctors, lawyers, and artists, they will be grateful. Nothing can stand in your way when you decide something, and you especially love to spoil your children with wonderful gifts.

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Advantages: Organized, rational, intelligent

Weaknesses: Likes to condemn, cares a lot, over-analyzes

Virgo moms are a combination of opposites. Some moms in parenting swim like fish in the water, and some still have to adjust. In spite of your overload, because you always think too much, sometimes you can relax. A Sagittarius friend can help you with that. Some moms with a baby come immediately feel old and some kids shake and freshen up. Be careful not to go too far because as much as you fantasize and want everything to be perfect, real moms are only women of blood and flesh, and from this planet.


Advantages: Patient, honest

Weaknesses: Inconsistent, vain, snobbish

If you achieve yourself as a mother, you will find that balance in life that you seek so much. Then everything makes sense, and you get the right focus. Deep down, you are happiest when you have someone to live for, which is what children are. You enjoy all the magic that motherhood carries with it, playing with the kids and using every moment of their growing up period. You have the patience to explain to them why the sky is blue and exactly where the goldfish from the aquarium went after it died. However, you sometimes need to be careful not to educate the children just to show them to others. They aren’t exhibits, and a distance between parents and children isn’t that bad.


Advantages: Powerful, intuitive

Weaknesses: Control freak, paranoid, emotionally unstable

When Scorpio mothers are in the mood, everything is great, when they’re not, everyone runs away from them, even the kids. You are very protective of them and are quickly adjusting to your new role as a mother. Although you can be wicked for the rest of the world, you just melt away in front of your child. You will do your best to make a secure future for your child so that you can set aside money for their studies before they are born. Life with Mom Scorpio can be an exhausting chess game, but the Queen is still the strongest figure. And in motherhood, your intuition that you always rely on is of great help.

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Advantages: Adventurous, wise, witty

Weaknesses: Indifferent, rigid, disorganized

You live for the moment and motherhood is the right adventure for you. Although you hold on to your freedom, this can come as a shock to you. It seems impossible that you have authority? Therefore, one must prioritize the needs of others and adapt to the new situation. Beware of being hasty, and in motherhood, you shouldn’t. That is why your spontaneity is great, so you are able to just put your kids in the car and go anywhere without any plan. Yes, freedom is your middle name, but it’s important to include children in just about everything you do because they just want to be with their mom.


Advantages: Organized, appreciates traditional values, consistent, patient, thoughtful

Weaknesses: Nervous, too worried, pessimistic, suspicious

Sometimes you seem to be more of a father than a mother or even both parents in one. It’s not that you don’t have a feminine side, but order and discipline are in your blood. Keep up to date that children need to be taught everything they need to know. You want closeness with them, but not to be their best friend. You don’t show emotions through tenderness but through action. You are a force that pulls everything and holds everything on your shoulders in order to take care of children. However, sometimes you should slow down a bit.


Advantages: Friendly, cheerful, creative

Weaknesses: Limited, alienated

No rules apply to you. You look at life as a great adventure and you want your children to feel all the magic of that journey. “Expect the unexpected” is what describes you most. You don’t bond too much, so being connected to your child is extremely surprising to you. Often, everything is warm and cold with you, yet you discover with motherhood a new, surprisingly beautiful world. Do everything as you did before you became a mother.

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Advantages: Dedicated, caring, creative

Weaknesses: Manipulative, non-permanent

Spiritual, sentient and wise you know that you look upon yourself as a goddess. But that’s why you’re always there for the kids and always ready for an adventure – unplanned trips, sightseeing … Still, you can be unsteady, and sometimes embarrass your kids with inappropriate actions when they’re already grown up. Since you hate dictating when and what to do, you may have trouble feeding and sleeping the baby. It is best then to have someone else’s help. Your children will always know that you are their greatest support and that you give everything for their happiness. They will certainly be spoiled. You are here to spoil them. Some Pisces mothers idealize their children and although they enjoy their freedom, they will be close with their children almost all their lives. You are a mother, a best friend, a counselor, and you do it with incredible ease.

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