What Kind of Men You Are the Most Attracted to Depending on Your Zodiac


If you are still not sure which type of man you can’t resist based on the specific features of your Zodiac sign, here’s a chance to find out.


You can’t defend yourself against the men who seek support in you. They are a little hesitant and expect you to lead the way, which is not a problem for you anyway because you love taking the initiative in love. They consider you superior and therefore let themselves be at your mercy.


Men of gentler nature love you. They are not weak, but they are constantly on the lookout for someone who will shower them with love and attention. That’s where you step on the stage. You are known as one of the most loyal signs when it comes to love, you are not afraid of obligations and emotions, so it is not surprising that you are the choice of this type of men.

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You always come across men who love the excitement and are looking for new life adventures. They want you to bring your energy and passion into their lives, and you have plenty of that. You are a dynamic, open-minded woman who also loves to lead an exciting life, which is why you can give this type of man whatever he wants.


You are loved by emotional but also somewhat manipulative men who will do everything in their power to win your love. They will use your innate empathy and sensitivity to their advantage. They want a partner who will take care of them. Given that you are a caring type of woman by nature, this does not make it difficult for you.


Leo has a stellar personality and is most attracted to men who are not afraid to be in their shadow. Certainly, men are madly attracted to your dominant personality and independence. A great combination, since you like men who are confident in themselves and not afraid of your individuality.

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Men who prefer order and peace instead of excitement and chaos adore you. They are often tormented by some of the bigger life problems and are in search of the emotional haven you can give them. At first, these men notice that you are sensible, rational and committed, so they see the safe port in you right away.


You are dazzled by the attention of men who seek everything in a woman. Love, friendship, support, passion… They need someone social, cordial, just and cheerful like you.


You will first be found by a man who lacks passion in life, but not just the “physical” one. It is as if they know that no other Zodiac sign can give them that much life excitement. In whatever you do, you bring your dose of passion, and at the same time, you are fearless, confident and ready to do anything for your man.

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No one likes adventure like the members of this sign. Perhaps that is why you are attracting men who are a little bored in life and looking for someone who will “wake them up”. They feel that their life will become one big adventure because you simply do not tolerate the monotony and avoid quiet home nights in front of the TV.


An organized, disciplined, confident and determined are the traits that describe women born in this sign. This is exactly what men who have not yet created stability in their lives love, and hope that you will help them. They feel safe and ready to make the changes they need to make their dream life come true.


You are most attracted to strange, silly and wacky men who know that you will not condemn them for their special and different personality. You value individuality, you are free-spirited, eccentric and original, and you love people with the same traits.


Creative people love you. They may already be accomplished, and perhaps they muster the courage to show their talents to the world, and you are the type of person who can help them bring their talent to the fore. Given that you are imaginative by nature, you would certainly enjoy their creative process.

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