When Do We Become Aware That We Are No Longer Interested in Men?


Listen to your feelings and dreams, everything will be clear to you!

How many times have you happened to feel such a fall in love, to forget about the world that surrounds you, the demands of parents, friends, business partners?

Simply, nothing is of interest to you. Only that gentle, gentle feeling of carelessness. But when we go deeper into the topic, it’s the smarter to think that too, figuratively speaking, stay “without a head.”

Since our subjective centers are useless at that time, it would be best to listen to the advice of a friend, associate, someone who will be objective but not cruel.

That’s the least you need in this situation. When we pass this step, the heads are colder, and the feelings are more balanced. And of course, at least a couple of months have passed.

From this point, you can say: “Is it possible that I have spoken everything?”, “How did I not first notice what it was actually about?”, “Have I woken up now?”

Do not worry, these are just affirmations, which every woman must pronounce if she knows she made a mistake and does not work in an emotional relationship as at the beginning of the relationship.

Here are some examples of negative male parameters, from which you can see how much you refuse and the relationship leads to an overload:

1. Failure

If you feel that your partner does not respect you enough, and before your friends, your opinion and conclusions are missing, it’s about an unsuspecting man, who waited a moment to relax in order to “outwit” you.

2. He does not give you enough time

You spend most of your time alone, and the partner in the other room finds “a good reason” not to be with you, it speaks in favor of a selfish partner who does not care about your feelings.

3. Lack of intimacy

Damas is very important, and in this, there is a link between emotions and security. If a man refuses to hug, kiss and guide love, and you have not received him from a two-week hard time, it’s an uninterested partner who does not make you happy.

4. Passing life-styles

You want a family, a warm home, and romantic moments, and the partner is up to everything, not just the common plans. The talk is about planning the next music festival in Ovcha. All effort is futile!

Think about your needs.

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