When I Discovered The True Truth About my Husband, I Experienced a Nervous Breakdown!


One angry reader of (35) British newspaper “The Sun” called their columnist Deidre Sanders asking for help.

Specifically, her husband, 38, cheated on her and now she doesn’t know what to do.

“One pretty girl started working with my husband at his company. He started going out more often and had come home late. I thought he was cheating on me. I got paranoid. When he came home at 3 am last night, I was so angry that I had hit him and scratched his face, “the reader writes, then states the big twist.

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“It turns out he didn’t cheat on me with that girl, but with a man! Admittedly, I knew he used to watch gay porn. Now, he left me and said he would never forgive me, claiming that he had panic attacks. He confessed that he is dating that man and not that girl. My heart is broken!” she continues.

“I tried everything to fix the relationship, but I wonder if I am wasting my time,” she asked.

Sanders told her that she answered the question by herself.

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“If your husband has realized that he is more gay than straight, then it is unlikely that you will remain married and be happy in that marriage. Moreover, your marriage hasn’t been happy for some time now,” Deidre answered.

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“Tell your husband that you are sorry that you became violent, that it isn’t right, but that his behavior made you angry. It is possible that he has started getting panic attacks because he feels his life will completely change. Try to end the relationship as painlessly as possible ”.

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