When I Heard What My Wife Speaks to Friends, Instead of Celebrating the 30th Anniversary I Want a Divorce


They had a harmonious marriage for 30 years until one night when her husband had accidentally heard his wife talk with her friends. Under the influence of alcohol, she uttered all kinds of disgusting things about him…

He discovered some other things from her past and he broke it. He began to think about the divorce.

I should celebrate the 30th birthday of marriage, and my wife and I have three grown children, with two sons still living with us. Last week, my wife and I were at some event with her friends, after which we went to one of them for another drink. When it was time to go home, we called a cab and I waited for him at the front door, while the woman was still left to talk to her friends in the kitchen.

One of them asked her what she would do if she could return time and compensate for everything she missed in the last 30 years. My wife replied: “Another night with John.” I was totally shocked. John is her ex-boyfriend.

I wanted the earth to open and swallow me. I barely kept tears, and they did not realize I was standing there. Then a friend asked her why she missed her when she had such a beautiful wife, and she said: “But there is not enough understanding for me, sometimes I reckon that I married him, only good for me is having money.

Then she continued to talk about the other four men she was with during our marriage.

I was broken, among other things, because she always told me she had only one guy before me. At that moment one of her friends saw me and immediately began to justify my wife that she did not think that she was just drunk. My wife does not know that I have heard everything, although she knows that something is wrong. I can not throw it out of my head and I do not sleep at night. How can I get over it? I’m thinking about picking up my stuff and going.

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