When I Wanted to Marry, I Met My Ex Girlfriend and I Was so Confused!


After a long relationship, I decided to get married. We were in a relationship for 4 years, and we loved each other very much. We were planning to have a large family, we were both employed so that there were no obstacles to our happiness. Before that, I had a long relationship, which ended badly. I was engaged too, but we broke up.

Everything was wonderful until one day I stumbled upon my ex-fiancé. I had been preparing a wedding for a long time, and she was supposed to be one of the singers who would greet the guests. I could not believe that it was her, and I did not know how to act and settle down.

My fiancé did not know that, she did not even suspect that it was my ex-fiancé. One day she came in and she told me how she still thinks about me and that the songs that she sings reminded her of me. She asked me if I’m sure I wanted to get married because she still loves me.

A few nights I was very upset and I slept badly. I was presented with a great temptation. I wondered if I might still love her, I was not sure what was happening to me. I saw her every day, she sang while my fiancé and I practiced for the first dance. Then she came and said that she wanted to see me alone to talk. I decided to go and remove face my conflicting emotions.

We talked about us, about everything that happened in our lives because we did not see each other for 4 years. She told me she had no one, she still loved me and would like to give us another shot. She kissed me.

Only when she kissed me I realized that I did not feel anything. NOTHING. I just remembered my fiancée who waited and loved me, and I only love her. I realized that this was just one of the memories and that I was in doubt because I saw her every day and because we were engaged and she was an important person in my life. We broke up because she cheated on me. I do not regret breaking up at all.

I told her that there is nothing more to try, that it is too late for me, that I love my fiancé and I will marry her. She was so angry that she left without words. She canceled her performance at our wedding. I do not know whether I should confess to my fiancé what really happened because it could put in danger everything we’ve built for 4 years.

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