When Partners Do Not Share the Same Living Space, Love Becomes Stronger: This Is How I Made a Stable Community Out of a Bad Marriage!


It is a common opinion that all women dream of getting married and living together, but is that really the case?

Increasingly, women are choosing to live without a partner and even when starting a family. Psychologist Bala de Paulo, who lives by this principle herself, spoke on this topic.

“Many still think that the only goal for women is to marry, and the possibility of living separated from their partner cannot be imagined.”

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Times have changed and some other rules apply today. Many women from personal experience, but also some psychologists, find that life is much better when partners do not share the same living space. Here’s why a separate life is a better option:

Women need much more free time

More than a thousand women participated in the survey, and all agreed that they were much more in a good mood when they had time during the day to spend in peace and quiet. According to them, they never succeded at this when they shared a living space with a partner.

These women are more successful in all segments of life

In 71% of cases, women living in a separate apartment are more satisfied and happier. They feel freer to see their friends alone, and not go everywhere with their partners.

This sense of freedom, as a result, has a happier life, and moreover, when they are separated from their partners, they rejoice in each successive encounter, making the relationship more exciting.

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Women living alone have more room for personal development

When they have their own space, women have more time to devote themselves to their desires and work on themselves and to improve the quality of life itself. In this case, no one is interfering with them and they are more likely to succeed in delivering everything they have outlined without undue interference.

They are easier on themselves.

Although men and women have become equal in every way, according to the participants in this study, women carry all the burden of maintaining a home and buying groceries on their backs. “When you live alone, that’s not a problem. Yes, I am selfish, but I really don’t enjoy collecting dirty laundry for anyone “.

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“My marriage came crashing down, and with this principle of life, I was able to completely save it and make it a strong and stable community that no one can tear down now. When we have separate living spaces, we look forward to each successive meeting. “

What do you think, are such relationships really successful?

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