When She Heard How Much The Bracelet Cost, She Fainted!


Each of us gets a little nervous when we find ourselves in the shop with expensive little things, especially if they are fragile, and this woman has a scenario that we are all afraid of at that moment.

It happened to a woman from the Chinese city of Ruili who found herself in a jewelry store.

She liked the expensive jade bracelet she tried, however, at one point she slipped off her arm and fell to the floor.

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Of course, she immediately asked for the price she would have to pay, and then got shocked.

The shop owner told her the price was about $ 45,000.

Hearing this, the woman first had a panic attack and then collapsed. Luckily, she was with family members who helped her.

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A discussion with the store owner started, as the woman didn’t have that much money with her. After trying to bargain, the Chinese media reported, eventually the whole family somehow managed to raise money and made a deal with the shop owner to pay for the expensive bracelet.

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