When She Saw Tips Her Customers Left, The Waitress Started To Shake


Jennifer Navarro, who works at Seaglass Restaurant, served four people on Saturday night and didn’t know what would happen to her.

A waitress at a restaurant in the US state of Massachusetts was shocked to see how much money she received from a guest.

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Jennifer Navaro, who works at Seaglass, served four people on Saturday night. As she told TV FOX 23, she spoke with guests before handing them a $ 157 bill.

When she picked up the money, she thought they had left her $ 50. However, then she realized that she received a huge tip – her guests left her $ 5,000.

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“I was shaking. It was really amazing, ”Jennifer said.

As the media reported, it was soon discovered who it was. It was the billionaire and the owner of the local showroom, Ernie Boch Jr. He explained to WFXT how he was inspired by the 2020 Tip Challenge popularized by actor Donnie Volberg on New Year’s.

“Donnie, you’re on the move,” Boch wrote on the bill.

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“Waiters and waitresses are such good people,” Boch said, expressing hope that others who are wealthy would also join this challenge.

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