When there is no human being, animals run the wheel – human self-isolation pleases nature


While citizens around the world find themselves isolated in their homes and state governments impose movement bans, animals take the opportunity to walk through deserted city streets from Japan to the US.

Fox slipping in a park – ilustration

No dolphins appeared in Venice, nor did drunken elephants roam through the Chinese province of Yunnan, according to some media reports.

Yet, as the coronavirus pandemic changes the pace of urban life, the first signs can be seen that animals, especially those already on the outskirts of cities, are curious about our absence, descending and exploring concrete jungles.

Amazingly, only a few days after the introduction of the prohibition on movement in Venice, it was enough to clear the channels of the former Venetian capital, fish to swim again, while ducks were swimming on the surface.
The water cleared so much that the cormorants also returned and started chasing after their prey.

US citizens share snapshots and photos of curious wild turkeys on the streets, which are otherwise kept away from urban areas.

The citizens of Barcelona have spotted wild pigs strolling freely through the deserted streets of the city in search of something to snack.

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