Which Love Song Suits Your Zodiac Sign


Music is one of the most beautiful ways to express love.

Something special happens in a man when he hears a song he loves and the one that reminds him of fond memories. This is a list of love songs for each zodiac sign, according to their nature and character.

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When in love, a woman born in this sign feels most alive and everything in her life then becomes extreme. She does not want to feel possessed in the relationship, but occasionally showing jealousy and possessiveness flatters her because for them it is a sign that the partner knows how much she is worth. For a woman born in the sign of Aries the most beautiful thing is to find someone who will consider her to be the best thing that ever happened to them, just as Ray LaMontagne’s song “You Are the Best Thing” puts it.


It is one of the most devotional and most loyal Zodiac signs. They never rush into a relationship, it is very important for them to get to know their partner fully and to be sure that they have chosen the right one before committing to a serious relationship. And once they commit, it’s probably forever. This is why Luther Vandross’ wonderful song “Always and Forever” is made for this sign.

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There is nothing more attractive to a Gemini woman in love than a man who pairs her with his intellect and with whom she can conduct intellectually stimulating conversations. When in love, the Gemini woman thinks endlessly and aloud (especially about a common future) and that is why she’ll enjoy listening to Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” mega-hit.


The notion of the perfect partner for a Cancer woman is someone who likes to cuddle on the couch, watch TV and pour wine. She loves peaceful, stable family life, and safety and loyalty are very important to her in a loving relationship. For her, sex is a slow, sensual dance, and she must be emotionally connected with her partner. She wants you to love her tenderly just as Elvis Presley sings in “Love Me Tender.”


Independent and strong individual, the female Lion wants a partner to share these traits with. She is not looking for someone to look after her, but a man confident enough to allow her to show up with him in her full strength. In a relationship, she loves to have a lot of fun and dynamics – she can’t stand the routine and constantly thinks of ways to change something and make it more dramatic. Her love anthem is “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars.


Fully committed when in a relationship, a Virgo is trustworthy and loyal, weighing every detail before committing to someone. She would rather be alone than with the wrong person – she’s not only looking for the right one, she’s looking for the perfect one. This is not to say that she is looking for someone who is perfect (because there is no such person), but someone who will be the perfect match. When a Virgo woman finds love, all the effort she puts into each area of her and her partner’s life gets a stronger, deeper meaning. A Virgo woman would do for a loved one all that Brian Adams’ cult ballad “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” best describes.



Libra is looking for a firm relationship and a partner who will shower her with attention. Although they seem calm and laid-back, when they relax, the female Libras can be very playful and romantic, and they will find the ideal love partner in an Aquarius or Gemini. The Libra will be fully committed to the chosen man and in turn, will seek support and advice. When she finds the right partner, life for the Libras (after all) becomes real bliss. Her legendary song “At Last” by Eta James best suits her sensibility and aesthetics.


Scorpio woman demands from her partners what she gives herself, complete fidelity, loyalty and devotion, and she is ready to do anything for her man. She will praise him by building his confidence, defending him when others speak ill of him and helping him build a career. They are real Amazons in bed – they have a high libido, they are very passionate and love to give and receive sensual pleasures. What other songs would be better suited to sexy Scorpios than Marvin Gay’s classic “Sexual Healing”?


Love is an eternal mystery for the women born in this Zodiac sign. She views love as the reward, and at the same time, she longs for it and views it as the most valuable treasure. She is often afraid of intimacy. Her life companion is usually her best friend. Even when she is totally “intoxicated” by her partner, she manages to maintain her independence, which makes her even more attractive and charming. The Beatles song “In My Life” will perfectly match her notion of love.


It is not in nature for her to fall in love at first sight or to waste time on a senseless flirtation that she knows is leading nowhere. Love is a serious thing for her and if she likes it, she will not let destiny do her thing, but, she will take matters into her own hands and make sure she gets the man she wants. She is looking for someone who will love success as much as she does, so the perfect connection for her is a combination of love, security, and success. The Capricorn woman is known for her diligence and is pleased when the person she loves appreciates and recognizes it. That is why Eric Clapton’s wonderful “Wonderful Tonight” ballad fits her perfectly.


When in a relationship, an Aquarius woman appreciates her independence, freedom, and “breathing space” (which coincides with her affiliation with the air sign group). Aquarius woman will always keep a part of herself that she will not reveal to even the closest people. Aquarius is friends with everyone, which may not be their partner’s liking. The song that suits them is Lifehouses “You and Me”. Aquarius will be found in this poem because it talks about how much one can remain astonished by intense emotions like love, which is certainly true for Aquarius.


Nothing else gives a woman a greater sense of completeness than when she is in love. Her ideal partner is one who inspires, protects and, when necessary, lowers her from her imaginations. The secret weapon in the seduction of women born in this sign is that they seem inaccessible and reserved because they know that acting mysterious will make their suitors want them even more. She is a pacifist and loves a relaxed love relationship where there is no need for quarrels. Savage Garden’s “I Knew I Loved You” was made for her idealistic character.

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