While The Happy Woman is Enjoying Herself, The Tired Woman Complains: What Type of The Woman Are You?


There are women who radiate sincere happiness most of the time, while others are eternally dissatisfied.

Two women – two attitudes towards life: There is a happy woman and a tired woman. These days, women are mostly tired, stressed, pressured by worry.

What is the type of actions and habits of these two types of women? What can you do to feel happy and in control of your life?

You always need to know where you are going

Happy women always have their way and the plans and goals that they follow.

Women who are always tired are following other people’s paths and pleasing others. Their main reasoning is that they have to.

The environment

For those women who love life and life loves them, the environment is bright, positive and radiant. Optimism follows them every step of the way.

For “tired women” the environment is entirely made up of “victim”, the environment is constantly complaining about something. It is common for them to complain, but not to talk about joy, because they are afraid that something bad will happen.

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A happy woman loves and respects herself. The environment admires her because of that. The kids adore her.

A tired woman has pride and arrogance, or a sense of complete worthlessness.


A happy woman will always look at herself and will strive to develop on multiple levels.

A tired woman has a habit of comparing herself to others, of being jealous, and to think that she has the hardest and the worst life.

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Happy women have no expectations. They know that they are the blacksmith of their own destiny, and they follow that path. If they want something, they try to get it.

Tired women have a habit of waiting for other men to make them happy. For this reason, they are eternally dissatisfied and resentful, because these expectations never fall out as they imagined.

Don’t forgive, but accept

Happy women accept and always understand that “other side”. No one needs forgiveness because forgiving means you’ve been offended.

Tired women get hurt in such situations as well. At best, they spend a lot of energy to forgive someone.

Actions and Talks

Happy women will always choose acting, not delving into what should and shouldn’t be done. These women think that every problem has a solution.

Tired women have a problem with every solution. You can never resolve a problem if you spend your time wailing and regretting everything.

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Be a woman

Happy women are aware that they are blessed with being women. They know what power a woman has compared to a man, and they gladly use it.

Tired women have a habit of taking care of themselves just for the sake of someone. For example, “I want to be healthy for my kids!” This is not the wrong way, but I guess you should be healthy and happy for yourself first and foremost.


Happy women take responsibility for their actions.

Tired women always shift their responsibilities to others.

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Relationship to the past

Happy women are happy to learn from their mistakes. They always say, “Okay, so this happened to me, now I can learn.”

A tired woman will always devalue the past. They always yell at something and say, “Oh, those were the times,” but when something happens, they never learn from it. They just forget.

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