Who is Harry’s Real Father And What Political Game Hides Behind His Marriage to Meghan ?!


The British royal family has always been the focus of public attention, whatever is happening to them.

These days, all eyes are on Buckingham Palace more than ever.

Despite the official and verified news, there are plenty of speculations, conspiracy theories …

And when it comes to conspiracy theories, we bring you seven of the craziest conspiracy theories that concern the British royal family.

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1.The Reptilian race

Former BBC presenter David Icke is known to the general public as a conspiracy theorist. One of his most famous theories applies to the royal family.

Icke claims that the British royal family were members of the Illuminati. They deserved their power because their human ancestor had become paired with reptilian aliens.

He argues that the theory explains why royal families are obsessed with keeping their bloodlines “clean” of other royal kingdoms. He adamantly claims that he has spoken to people who have seen some of the world’s powerful reptiles.

2. Charles and Diana have a daughter named Sarah

Diana admitted that she had to visit a gynecologist before marrying Prince Charles to check if she could give birth, but some people took it a little differently.

The Globe published a 2014 article claiming that during the examination, the doctor had taken Diana’s egg to perform extracorporeal fertilization. But another doctor stole an embryo that was then worn by his wife for nine months and then “royal baby Sarah” was born shortly after the royal wedding in 1981 ?! And before William. Royal family allegedly kept all this as a secret.

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Then, at some point, someone published photos of adult Sarah, comparing how much she looks or doesn’t look like Diana … Still, many people consider that “Globe” made photos of “Princess Sarah” in a photoshop based on photos of the late Princess Diana. The whole story seems to be based on the novel by Nancy Ryan, who had a similar story about the fictional long-lost daughter Olivia.

3. Diana was killed by the royal family

After Diana and Charles divorced and before he remarried, Diana wrote a letter that she felt she was in danger. He claimed that someone, as she wrote “planned” to damage her car’s brakes so she could have an accident and Charles, could remarry.

Despite Diana’s doubts, the evidence constantly indicated that the driver was drunk. That was the cause of the accident.

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4. Diana also had her third pregnancy

Egyptian businessman Mohamed al-Fayed, father of Diana’s boyfriend, has spread rumors that Diana was pregnant with his son. Prince Philip couldn’t bear the fact that his grandson would have an Egyptian Muslim stepfather.

But, there was no evidence in the autopsy that Diane was pregnant.

5. Kate Middleton hired a surrogate mother

After Kate Middleton gave birth to Princess Charlotte, rumors spread that she never actually gave birth to a baby. Some claimed her stomach wasn’t as big as it should be after delivery, while others said, “There is no special maternal look in her eyes.”

This is not worth commenting on.

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6. Prince Harry is not Charles’s son

For years, there was a suspicion that Prince Harry was actually the son of James Hewitt, who had an affair with Princess Diana. Although some say the affair didn’t begin before Harry’s birth, playwright John Conway claims Hewitt admitted that the relationship began 18 months before Harry’s birth. Conway even wrote a play on the issue of paternity that premiered in 2014.

Their life was idyllic in front of the cameras: Prince Harry just did not go crazy, ask Meghan to start psychotherapy until it’s too late!

7. Meghan Markle is a political conspiracy

One theory claims that the marriage of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is a political gambit that will allow the UK to recapture the US. Because Prince Harry’s children will be Americans as well as British, one can grow into a president and a king.

“They want America back, and this is how they will do it,” according to a viral tweet that even TIME reported.

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