Who Will Win: Two Dogs And Goat Are Fighting For Mayor Position!


Residents of a small town in Vermont are electing a new mayor!

Since 2019, it has been formalized that animals can take this position.

Fair Haven is currently having a three-year-old goat , Lincoln, as a mayor. Lincoln will now have to compete with two dogs in the election, CNN reports.

Instead of a goat, the city manager handles the job, and she was selected to help raise money for the construction of a school playground.

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“Five dollars need to be invested for your pet to run for mayor. Every Fair Haven resident can propose his own pet. On election day, we ask voters for donations, but they don’t have to give them, and with each donation, we’re a little closer to the goal. ” the city manager said.

Their goal is to raise $80,000. Police Chief Bill Humphries hopes their police dog Sami will help raise funds through his candidacy.

“Lincoln did a great job. She represented the community well, so we thought it would be a good idea to challenge her to run again this year to see if we could beat her,” said Humphries.

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The other candidate is a three years old dog Murphy. and he is a therapy dog ​​who visits nursing homes, a local hospital and high school, where he helped launch the Reading With Dogs program.

“Murphy thinks reading is very important, but also that playing outside is a must. If he is elected mayor, he will work hard to provide the best playground for the children in this place.” said its owner, Linda Barker.

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