Why Your Zodiac Sign Has no Luck in Love


We have all felt how painful love can be, and sometimes our emotional lives seem doomed to eternal failure. You just feel like you don’t have luck in love.

Zodiac signs look at love relationships differently and have different virtues and disadvantages.


Aries is definitely a sign who possesses a lot of goodness in heart, but that goodness is not always known to others.

Sometimes you are self-focused and uninterested in long-term commitment and sharing of anything in your life. This can be a real problem when looking for a potential serious partner.

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Taurus is a loyal friend, but he is also very stubborn. You have trouble relaxing and often stay angry about certain things longer than necessary.

Even if your partner made a mistake and apologized, you can still heat up your anger. This is enough to turn every potential partner away from you.


People born in this sign are free souls. It is very difficult for you to commit to one person, and even when you do, you tend to occasionally go and do things your way.

This can be incredibly repulsive to your partner. Think about your partner’s needs before changing your relationship status. Are you really ready for this?


Cancer is caring, but in a relationship, he tends to be intrusive and he can often suffocate his partner. It’s a kind of passion that their partners don’t quite enjoy.

You need to think about the space your partner needs and give it tot hem.

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Leo will never cheat on you. In many ways, this is the best thing you can have in a relationship, but Leos also tend to be egotistical and vain.

These are by no means ideal traits. You are always trying hard to win in everything. You may feel good about it, but it’s really irritating to everyone around you.


Virgo of all signs has the least confidence in others. You are the type of partner who most likely searches through your partner’s underwear drawers and checks their relationship history. Any amount of doubt and jealousy in your relationship will absolutely kill it.

You need to trust your partner, even if distrust is in your nature. You have more than one nature. Do not follow your basic instincts.


Libras are full of hope and faith. You tend to choose partners that are not really the right for you and you try to change them into the people you need.

It’s a disaster just waiting to happen. You have to learn to choose when it comes to your love life.

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Scorpio is certainly a passionate sign, but that passion sometimes leads to jealousy and absurd behavior. You cannot control the ones you love. You cannot be possessive of them. Drop those habits.

As we said about Virgo, you have more than one nature. Stick to the good aspects, dismiss the bad ones.


Sagittarius is the type of sign that one day wants to go hiking and the next day to go diving. This can be fun for your partner, but also a little tiring. Because of your high expectations, you can get into trouble.

If you are an outspoken person and your partner is an introvert, stay home from time to time. It is not an insult to your lifestyle. Remember that not everyone can be an adventurer like you.


The hardest thing for Capricorn is to open up, and it takes a long time for them to start trusting their partner. You act as if your partner has to do some magical things that will earn your trust.

Trust is not earned. Distrust is earned. Don’t assume the worst just because you can’t be together 24/7. Jealousy will destroy any relationship very quickly.

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Aquarius is smart. You are the type of person who always has something to say at the tip of the tongue. It can often be fun to be with such a fast-paced person, but you need to know the measure.

You tend to argue with people, and this can turn off your partner very quickly.


Pisces, like Cancer, tend to be wildly emotional at times. But Pisces is particularly prone to longing for former partners. You don’t want to be alone, but if you’re still suffering from your ex-partner, don’t start dating someone new.

You need to learn to get over your former loves and leave your baggage behind before connecting with someone new. If you still love your ex-partner, no one else will be good enough for you.

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