Wife Tried To Scam Elderly Husband For Million Dollars But Ended Behind Bars!


The 26-year-old wife of a 77-year-old American businessman has been arrested and accused in Florida of using him to obtain his money

She tried to raise almost a million dollars from her husband’s checks.

Lin Helena Halfon was arrested at Tampa International Airport.

She was charged with money laundering, organized fraud, and exploitation of an elderly person. The judge set her a $1 million bail if she wanted to defend from freedom.

The Tampa Bay Times reported that her husband, Tampa businessman Richard Rapaport, received with disbelief the investigator’s announcement of what his wife was doing, saying he wanted these suspicions checked.

He also said he didn’t want her deported to her native country Israel.

An official at Amskot, a financial services company in Tampa, refused to accept checks from Lin Helen Halfon, but then one Orlando-based company accepted to cash two checks totaling $ 666,000.

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Asked later if he thought he was a victim of fraud, Rapaport told investigators he did.

Halfon and Rapaport got married in August.

Rapaport’s daughter, Dana Titus, told investigators the family was unaware of the marriage. She believes Halfon was able to exploit her father because of his age.

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