Woman (92), at The End of Her Life: People Can Tell You What They Want, This Is The Only Happiness!


Every morning when I wake up, I have two choices – This is how this old lady begins her story.

By 8 o’clock in the morning, this 92-year-old grandmother by the name of Tatiana had already been dressed,had put on discreet makeup and had neatly combed hair. She is ready to move into a nursing home.

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Her husband passed away recently, so now she has no choice. Despite patiently sitting and waiting for hours, she smiled when she got a phone call – she was told her room was ready.

On the way to the elevator, the nurse explained what her small room would look like.” It will have curtains that look like windows, said the nurse.”

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“Oh, I’m going to like the curtains,” was the first thing Grandma Tatiana said, with the enthusiasm of a child, who had just gotten a favourite toy.

The nurse was scared of the grandmother’s premature reaction and possible disappointment later, so she continued cautiously: “Let’s just wait and see the curtains first, maybe you won’t like them”

“It doesn’t matter. Happiness is what you decide in advance. How my new room looks like doesn’t depend on the layout and the choice of furniture in the room, it depends on how my brain works. I make that particular decision every morning as soon as I wake up. I have a choice – to spend the whole day in bed, thinking about my illness and body parts that no longer belong to me, or to feel the joy and gratitude every day. Every new day I experience is like a gift, and as long as I am alive, I will only think about possitive memories, “said this lovely grandmother, and added:

“Old age is like a bank account, you withdraw the money you have previously put in there. I advise you to put in as many moments of happiness as you can in your memory account.”

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She later revealed her 5 quite simple rules of happy people:

  • Cleanse your heart from malice;
  • Cleanse your brain from worries
  • Live as simply as you can;
  • Give as much as you can;
  • Don’t expect too much.
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