Woman Spends More Than Ten Thousand Dollars On Her Addiction: Husband Finally Caught Her!


Lisa Anderson, 44, from Devon, UK, has a strange addiction – she has been eating baby powder for a years!

As she said to the media, she has been eating baby powder for a decade and she can’t get rid of that habit.

“For more than a decade, I have been eating baby powder every day, and I have been eating one serving every half an hour,” she explains to British media.

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It all began, she says, 15 years ago when she was bathing her baby son. For the first time ever, she put some baby powder on her hand and ate it – and since then she can’t live without it.

Every week her addiction, she says, costs her about 13 dollars, and she estimates that she spent about 10,500 dollars for all her years of addiction.

I eat a bottle of about 200g a day. It tastes good, it pleases me, it feels soapy. The most I can stand without talcum powder is half an hour. It happened to me once that I had to spend two days without it. Those were the worst days of my life – notes Lisa.

She hid her addiction for a decade from everybody, but then her husband caught her in the toilet. He then forced her to seek professional help and it was discovered that Lisa was suffering from a disease called pica syndrome.


Pica syndrome is an eating disorder that makes a person consume non-nutritive material. Those materials are dirt, chalk, stone, paper or in Lisa’s case, talcum powder. After a month or more of consuming such substances, this syndrome can be detected. This syndrome is often associated with a mental disorder or a pervasive developmental disorder such as autism.

This disease disappears without medical intervention, but it can last for years and cause health disorders.

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