Women Never Forget These Guys


During the lifetime, many men are introduced to the woman, but only some leave an indelible mark throughout their lives.

Here is the list of some guys that women can never forget!

1. First love

It’s intense, hypnotized – it’s the first love. This relationship is special because it teaches us about love more than everyone else. You and your partner grow together and develop, discover, and set criteria. You find out how much love brings beautiful things, learn about compromises, but also about standing behind your beliefs.

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“The first love can never be forgotten,” is an old adage, which means that the first love isn’t necessarily the last one. Regardless of what awaits you later in life, the first partner defines the criteria.

2. Recovery partner

He most often appears after the break from first love. After years of relationship, you suddenly stay alone and it’s time for a new start. That’s where he performs, the shoulder to cry on, and the man who is ready to listen to you and to enlighten you.

This relationship usually doesn’t develop into something permanent, but it is a great interface for new love. During this period, it’s okay to try to be alone and dedicate yourself. Only after you understand what you want from a new love, you can proceed further.

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3. Perfect in theory

He is simply perfect. At least in theory. He is great with your friends, he treats you like a princess and you are aware that he would be a great material for marriage. It may even be too good, but one important thing is missing – chemistry. It isn’t here. Most women with such a partner come out hoping that their feelings will change, but as time goes by, nothing happens.

The lesson of this relationship is that love can’t be forged no matter how much you want it.

4. Charming and arrogant

This partner can appear at any stage of his life. He is so interesting that it’s no wonder women can’t stop thinking about him. Women will spend days and nights texting and talking on the mobile and they will just close their minds.

His charm will prevent them from seeing what everyone else sees – that he isn’t as it seems. In this case, it is best to listen to the advice of friends and family members because they only want the best for you.

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5. Love from student days

The first partner at college is a great preparation for the real world because it’s the first time that you are away from your parents and enjoying your freedom. If and when the relationship breaks, you become a more conscious adult and you will learn to cope with the consequences of your mature decisions.

But, although you are far from the closest family, it doesn’t mean that you need to go through that by suffering alone. Your friends and parents will always be happy to help you.

6. A perfect partner in thought

This love isn’t usually accomplished, because timing is simply wrong. With this partner, you feel connected and passionate, but life circumstances don’t allow the connection. He is becoming more and more perfect, especially in thoughts, because he had no chance to convince you otherwise.

Unfortunately, this connection will end, but you probably needed it, like all the previous ones, to help identify the real one.

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7. Love from the sea

Every woman was at least once free on vacation and there she met the perfect guy from her dreams. The week passed with him just perfectly and you thought that the rest of his life would be a fairy tale. We all have memories of such holidays, but do you think how many such couples have formed a serious relationship from an annual adventure?

Unfortunately, the answer is very few. Someone once said, the adventure should remain an adventure … otherwise, you might never remember it in such an ideal way.

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