World’s famous whistle-blower warns: Secret services are following us on every step!


It would be wrong to view the rise of politicians such as Donald Trump, Boris Johnson or the right-wing Alternative for Germany as merely “temporary departure from the political norm,” said the world-famous whistle-blower Edward Snowden in an interview with German weekly magazine Spiegel.

Edward Snowden, former NSA agent, and world’s famous whistle-blower

A man who exposed the mass surveillance of US services has now while speaking for several German newspapers warned about strengthening Internet concern, saying he hopes for asylum in Germany, among other things.

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It’s been six years since Edward Snowden, 36, discovered that the US and other Western services have been wiretapping just about everyone and everything.

Today, Snowden warns that the democratic movement in Hong Kong will be stifled by the same methods – comprehensive surveillance, DW reports.

Speaking about the rise of Trump and Johnson, Snowden said that politicians and entrepreneurs realized that they could use technology to influence the world at a higher level.

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He is convinced that the technical development of the Internet has become a danger.

“In a world of total surveillance in which every violation of the law could be prosecuted without exception – all people would-be criminals,” Snowden said, demanding the suspension of mass data collection.

This, he notes, applies not only to the secret services but also to big players such as Facebook and Google.

The former US intelligence officer says that the first step is to explain to people how much we are being followed.

“And if no one develops any alternatives, then damn I’ll develop them myself,” he told Spiegel.

DW recalls that in the United States, Snowden was charged with treason. In an attempt to arrive in Ecuador in 2013 from Hong Kong, he was stopped at a Moscow airport after the US canceled his passport. Snowden has been granted asylum in Russia, which will expire next year.

“I would like to receive political protection from Germany and France and apply for asylum there. But the authorities there are looking for reasons to refuse me,” Snowden said in an interview with the Velt newspaper.

He is convinced that Germany could grant him asylum today without major consequences on Berlin-Washington relations. He is also confident that one day he will be able to return to the US.

Otherwise, the reason why the world’s most famous whistle-blower is back in the German press is his new book called “Permanent Record”.

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