You Haven’t Seen This Yet, Federer Imitates Nadal!


Tennis spectacle in Cape Town with Federer and Nadal, rivals who are also good friends.

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Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal met, and the meeting will have a humanitarian character as it aims to raise more than $ 1 million for the Roger Federer Foundation, which supports early childhood education in six African countries and Switzerland.

Of course, during the match Nadal and Federer tried to entertain the audience further, to show their humorous side, and the Swiss, for example, decided to imitate his rival, that is, his distinctive service ritual.

Everyone liked the fun side of Federer, who in a very good way imitated his rival, Rafael Nadal.

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At one time, Novak Djokovic used similar opportunities to imitate Sharapova, Nadal, and others, so some people bothered, such as Andy Roddick, for example, who criticized the Serbian tennis player, pointing out that he did not like Novak’s sense of humor.

Someone accepted the joke, someone didn’t. Someone accepted the joke, some did not, but it is certainly impossible to remain indifferent to such rare moments. Most often players are focused on the game and the ball, and least of all the fun.

See how Federer did his imitation in this video.

What do you think of this imitation?

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