You’ve All Seen Pictures of Dead Kangaroos And Koalas in Australia, But These Pictures Will Break Your Heart


There is a real concern that entire species of plants and animals have been destroyed.

Catastrophic fires, caused by high temperatures on the Australian continent, have been devastating human lives for days. So far, dozens of people have been killed and 1,200 homes destroyed. However, what particularly struck the international public are the horrific scenes of animal suffering.

More than 8,000 koalas have been killed. That number represents one-third of these animals which live in Australia.

Kangaroos have the greatest chance of surviving because they are large and fast, while koalas are most vulnerable because they are small and slow.

As many as 485 million mammals, birds, and reptiles have been affected by the fire.

There is a real concern that entire species of plants and animals have been destroyed.

Over 500 million animals have died since the start of the fire.

The ministry responsible for the environment says that the exact number of killed animals will not be known until the fires have been extinguished.

Experts say the animals that live there are generally accustomed to fires and high temperatures, but now the temperatures are simply too high and the fire caught a huge area and the animals couldn’t escape.

With the start of summer heats in Australia, the fire season has begun. The planet is facing record temperatures highs, with meteorologists forecasting three more extremely hot months in Australia.

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