Zodiac Signs That Avoid Relationships


When you start a relationship with someone, there is always the risk of eventually being hurt.

These are Zodiac signs that avoid relationships.


Aquarius is an expert at keeping an emotional distance. The less they bond, the less likely they are to be hurt. They enjoy the company of people, but they keep a safe distance. In most cases, they act indifferently, but it is just a mask to protect themselves.

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Sagittarius wants things to be light and simple. Members of this sign have been hurt repeatedly and do not want to go through it again. To avoid relationship, Sagittarius often change things, most often their location.

If you know you’re leaving soon, it’s easier for you to refrain from the relationship. The problem is that Sagittarius is not indifferent – they really care, but it’s easier to ignore emotions and move on.


For the Virgo, emotional restraint is actually a defense mechanism. If they don’t care, they are less likely to get hurt. They will be honest and openly tell you that they are not ready for a relationship right now, but that they may be in the future. Members of this sign will not sugar coat reality or give you false hope.

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Libra is afraid of any emotional pain and suffering and will maintain a superficial relationship, without deep emotions. They don’t want trouble, they don’t want to upset anyone or break anyone’s heart. They will be more at a distance and safe than risking feelings of love because they connect those feelings with suffering, so they will hide behind their thick wall.


When you get emotionally attached, you start to care, and if it doesn’t end well, you can’t ignore your emotions. Because of this pain that they previously survived, Gemini most often avoids the relationship and ignores their own feelings and waits for them to disappear.

If they feel that someone is too interested in them, and they are not sure about that person, they are ready to end the relationship before it even begins, just for fear of being hurt.

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Aries avoids the relationship by diverting their attention and fulfilling their schedule because they cannot be hurt if they do not have time to devote themselves to someone. They are too busy to care for other people, but this does not always work for them.

The members of this sign still have those few minutes when they are left alone with their thoughts and reflect on what they have gone through for love, forgetting about the positive sides and beautiful emotions.

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