Zodiac Signs That Don’t Go Back to Their Ex’s


If you intend to reconcile with an ex-partner who was born in one of the five Zodiac signs, you should know that your chances are zero.

They have such a solid character that would be hurt if they knelt down and returned to their former loves.


After breaking up, Leo will always act as if nothing has happened, they will be strong and if you try to win them again, they will act even more untouchable and ignore you to the fullest.

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If you hurt them once, they will hurt you double and then disappear from your life and will not allow you to approach them again.


For them, breaking up is a new beginning. These are people who never look back and simply move on with life. Once you have broken up with Sagittarius, do not expect sudden conciliations and renewal of the connection.

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Although they suffer more from the break up than others, they will rarely show it. Capricorn will never forgive you for cheating or any situation in which you have hurt them, and if they come back to you, it is just another way of revenge.

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After breaking up, they will try to occupy themselves with going out and work and will not let you cheat them again because they hate the agony that comes with a broken heart.

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