Zodiac Signs That Most Often Leave Their Partners


They find it difficult to adapt to anyone else and feel best when they are not restrained. These are some of the Zodiac signs that will most often leave their partners.


For Taurus, their career is in the first place and they won’t abandon it because of anyone or anything. If you ask them, getting married is unnecessary and only limits the freedom of the individual. Most people who are born in this Zodiac sign don’t want to have children.

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Scorpio’s are simply too egocentric and selfish. To them, the thought of sharing something that up to that point was only theirs is a huge problem that they would gladly avoid. Also, it is very difficult for them to constantly spend time with someone, so aggression and anger often occur.

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It is even more difficult for the Gemini to imagine that their freedom and adventures will be restricted. They don’t want to belong to someone, they just want to be their own, so they are, according to one American survey, the Zodiac sign that most often leaves their partner.

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