Zodiac Signs When They Get Drunk: Taurus Wanders, Cancer Flirts, Libra Calls Others!


Some Zodiac signs also become too honest, while some lose control and even coordination.

Usually, when people get drunk, they lose control and behave more freely. In one way or another everyone gives off signs of drunkenness.


Under the influence of alcohol, they become brutally honest and don’t seem to care about anything. They are also quite loud and are constantly joking around. This Zodiac sign is very fun while drunk, and tends to seduce someone he finds interesting, especially physically attractive.


They are usually quiet and unnoticeable at the beginning of the evening, but with each cup or glass, they get louder. When they are among friends who are drinking, Taurus have the loudest laugh, everything is fun for them and the influence of alcohol is easily noticed. They become more clumsy, start to ruin things and often stumble. Alcohol usually encourages them to eat, but they have to be careful not to mix everything up.


Drunk members of this Zodiac sign don’t really behave much differently than when they are sober. They may just be a little faster – they drink fast, they talk fast, they switch from topic to topic, from person to person. They don’t have good concentration and they can be pretty cruel sometimes. However, their brains continue to work while they are drunk, so their comments about others are hilarious.

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Members of this Zodiac sign have no limits when it comes to alcohol. When they start drinking, they don’t know how to stop and persuade everyone around them to follow their example. They can get very loud and they try to keep the situation fun. Going home or ending the party early sounds like a death sentence to them. When they get drunk they start to flirt quite openly. At the end of the evening, they don’t feel good.


Members of this Zodiac sign like to think that they aren’t drunk even if they are under the influence of alcohol. This is where their self-control and desire to make the best impression come to play. Alcohol relaxes them quite a bit and they behave freely, just as they see fit. Because of that, they can do some pretty crazy things. Another interesting thing about them is that alcohol gives them an incredible gift of speech, at least until their eyes start to close and they barely keep their heads straight.

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This Zodiac sign is rarely seriously drunk. Under the influence of alcohol, everything becomes funny to them and they don’t remove the smile from their lips, and all of them are somehow interesting and have no problem finding a common topic. They tend to exaggerate as they talk, and even lie. Their speech becomes unclear for others.


Drunk members of this Zodiac sign often become very critical and offensive, misinterpret what people are saying and call them for it. They can order and force everyone to do what they want – but they do it in such a comical way that people often laugh. They are the center of events and there is no one else. Like Cancer, they persuade everyone else to drink, they are truly the soul of the party. Tomorrow they are embarrassed as they are told what they did.


Having boundaries isn’t the phrase of the average Scorpio. They are either on an alcoholic quest for total destruction or they will just drink a glass and go home early. Under the influence of alcohol they are very humorous and their brains work fast. They start swearing a lot, teasing everyone around them, and acting very seductive. It often happens that they have new fans by the end of the evening. It can happen that their self-control gives them a break, so they open their hearts’ and thoughts, more easily. Physically, if they drink too much – their eyes roll.


When Saggitarius gets drunk, they become hyperactive and super spontaneous – all ideas for a good time are welcome. They become very entertaining but also tactless and even brutally honest. This makes it easy to get into an argument, and it is smarter for them to burn out the alcohol through movement, such as dancing. They are loud drunks and it is impossible not to notice them.

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Members of this Zodiac sign are fully aware of their boundaries. It is important for them to respect their boundaries, but you can still persuade them to drink more than they should. The drunker they are, the more fun they are, retelling those best stories from the past that will make everyone laugh. and they have fantastic jokes as well. They’ll use crazy moves in dance, they’ll have a stand-up show of comically imitating other people … Don’t tell them they drank too much – they’ll try to prove you the opposite.


The members of this alcohol-influenced Zodiac sign become real brainiacs. They exaggerate the things they say, have an idea and advice for everyone what to do. However, not only are they hard-working, but they also have their crazy side that comes to light – their ideas and jokes are twisted and make people around them laugh as much as they can.


Drunken members of this Zodiac sign often talk unclearly. They have good tolerance, but that doesn’t mean much to them because alcohol works to intensify their emotions – they are able to cry at one point and laugh at another.

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